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All for the purchase and maintenance of the car in one place
All for the purchase and maintenance of the car in one place

Free diagnosis of suspension, running gear repair, express oil change. Order and install units with a guarantee of 5 thousand kilometers.
Body repair with a warranty of 2 years. Tuning exterior and interior: the production of cilia, tinting headlights, making skirts and body elements made of fiberglass, lift SUV; Flocking salon. Tire and wheel alignment. Gas and electric welding, exhaust repairs. Automotive electrician services: installation of recorders, alarm, xenon, and troubleshooting appliances. Troubleshooting engine, gearbox with a scanner. Diagnosis and cleaning injectors, the fuel system by means of ultrasound. Chemical treatment of components and assemblies to the effect of restoring the factory settings: compression, pressure, fuel consumption. Effect of conservation DVS 300 thousand. Km. Daylight mode engine oil change after 30 thousand miles. In the automatic transmission, manual transmission, bridges - further replacement is not required at all during operation of the vehicle. Lifetime warranty. Official representative of "Adzheks Motors" in the Kamchatka region.

Address: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij ul. Vulkannaja, 21 "-a"-
Phone: +7(4152)444-013
e-mail: sto-atlantis@mail.ru

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