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Vyazniki Electronic Equipment Factory (VZRT)
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Vyazniki Electronic Equipment Factory (VZRT)

VZRT is an EMS (Electronic manufacturing service) company, specialized on serial and mass production of low- and mid-range electronics. Located in a small town in Vladimir region, it benefits from both low labour cost and good transport connection.

VZRT facilities includes:
Plastic injection (incl. gas assisted and IMD)
Spray painting, Al PVD coating, silkscreening and padprinting
PCB TH assembly line (SMT by side contractor)
Final assembly and testing line

Address: Vjazniki ul. Blagovewenskaja, d. 118
Phone: +7 (49233) 3-07-00, 3-07-01 / (495) 664 2616
Fax: +7 (49233) 3-07-00

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