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Proud to announce Pulse Analysis System - innovation in health care - technology for objective health diagnosis by the analysis of person's pulse wave

Pulse Academy is presenting the last invention in the field of high technology:

The system of objective health diagnosis by analyzing man's pulse wave.

Scientists of Academy have developed a physical theory of man's pulse wave structure. The theory was proved experimentally very well. Small experimental manufacturing has been established on the base of this theory. The device was named as the Pulse Analysis System (PAS)

PAS readings are presented as Syndromes, Tables (Matrixes) and diagrams. The readings are describing the condition of each object of hierarchy in the structure of a man's body.

The Pulse Analysis System is consists of: Personal Computer
Acoustic sensor (so small as a soft-tip pen)
Special software

For working with PAS it is needed a computer with at least Pentium II CPU, 64 Mb RAM and USB port.
Supported OS Windows 98/ME,2000,XP

Address: 69002 Vladivostok Partizanskij pr., d. 58, k. 513
Phone: (4232) 4567-16

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