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LLC "Safe Life"
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LLC "Safe Life"

Safety, security.
Safety, security.

Everyone wants to live in a safe city, and it does not matter - it will be St. Petersburg,
  or any other city. But the greater the concentration of people, the higher the crime rate,
  and the greater the danger traps us in all areas of life.
  Of course - to enforce the law stands the police, where you can always ask,
  but this is an extreme measure when the crime or offense has been committed.
The question is - how to protect yourself, your family and your property,
so as to avoid criminal attacks, theft or fraud? There are specialists,
  are professionally involved in the prevention of any criminal activity, and that's exactly
that it is necessary to any family in the modern city.
IT project "Safety of Life" in St. Petersburg.

Address: Sankt-Peterburg 198206, Sankt-Peterburg, ul. Admirala Tribuca, d.5
Phone: (812) 385-76-05

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