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Noxton  Technologies

Glowing in the dark paint TAT 33 - by means of this glowing paint it is possible to paint surfaces inside and outside of the building. The glowing paint has sufficient degree of luster.

Glow in the dark powder TAT 33 - is the universal filler. If you can't use glow in the dark paint TAT 33 for any reasons, it is a good idea to use a glow powder. Inherently it is a luminofor.
Add it in the transparent carrier, which is optimal for you (we recommend to use 25-30% of the glow powder for 100% of the carrier). Usually we use the transparent lacquer as the carrier. The prepared compound (1 liter) will be enough for covering about 8-10 square meters.
The Glow Powder TAT 33 is available in two basic colors: light green, blue.
It is possible to add this glowing powder in any varnish for wood, metal, mineral surfaces, etc.; in nail polish; in acrylic powder or helium basis for nail art; in silicone compounds or hermetics; in glue; in oils and many other transparent bases. The application spectrum is unlimited.

Address: Nikolaev ul. Kosmonavtov 81, of. 521
Phone: +38 0667 53 0667
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